Shisha Cafe completed painting by Maddi

Behind The Screen

This one isn’t the same story, nor the same man as what I wrote in ‘The Inner Doves’ painting. This one is a bit more playful and romantic and the man in this painting is from a special dream of mine and isn’t anybody I have met or known before.

Each aspect of this painting has a deeper meaning. But I don’t wish to say too much, I’d rather you take and interpret this painting yourself.

Just to show different stages of this painting:

I used a bit of impasto on this one in order to get the plaster effect for the walls. I used impasto instead of oleopasto to give it a more glossy look. Unlike the ‘The Inner Doves’ painting where I mixed sand into the oleopasto and oil paint and needed a more matte look

This was another, which I was working on after midnight. I suppose I did spend hours on these and just didn’t notice the time going by. One regret I have about this painting is not doing it on a bigger canvas. It has so many little details on it which would have come out better on a larger canvas.

shisha Cafe painting by Maddi