Forest harp oil pastel painting

Forest Harp

This is my second major oil pastel painting. I’ve really taken to these Paul Ruben oil pastels as they’re so creamy and blend-able. I feel I have no choice but to refer to my pastel work as ‘paintings’

Paul Rubens Oil Pastels

This origin of my forest harp painting is actually from late childhood and early teens. I was obsessed with harps. I had this fantasy idea of a natural harp with vines for strings. This is one of many of my drawings back then which survived.

I soon did a second draft in coloured pencils. I did these pencil drawings back in 1995-1996.

Forest harp original colour pencil drawing

Come 2012 and the second wave of painting I got into briefly was painting digitally. I still had this image lingering in mind so a variant of it ended up as a digital painting of mine.

Maddi forest harp digital painting

However I had totally forgotten the existence of this digital piece, when I did my most recent painting of this in oil pastels. I plan to do another one in oil paints in future.

Below is a shot I took of an earlier stage of this oil pastel painting. Before adding the tree in the foreground.

Maddi Artwork Forest Harp

And finally…

Oil pastel painting, forest harp by Madeeha