Madeeha Desert oil painting

Inner Journey

This is the second oil painting I did after ‘Dunes’ and it’s one which I no longer possess. My aunt loved this so much that she asked if she could keep it. It seemed to resonate with her and she kept talking about ‘The girl in the photo going to find herself’ knowing it’s me already. She actually got it spot on. This painting currently is hung on her wall.

I had started painting this while allowing the second stage of ‘Dunes’ to harden. This is the thing with oil painting, you need to be patient with it. Especially if you’ve got ideas bursting out of you but you got to wait for the previous layer to harden. You gotta just let it keep burning inside of you as you stare at the previous layer. Or you could just paint the idea down onto a canvas pad as a practice paint.

I initially did this sketch of myself in my sketchpad while waiting for the background to harden.

I omitted the veil from my sketch, because I feel it takes away from the effect of the sentiment which I’m trying to convey.