Lollipops painted by Madeeha

Lollipop Lollipop

So usually my paintings have some sort of deep meaning. There are exceptions however. Light hearted paintings like this one may not have a deep meaning, but are created more to capture an era or a period of time that I deem dear to me.

Call it a souvenir of time if you want.

This was painted in 2013 and at that time I had bought quite a few lollipops. Specifically Dobsons Lollipops from the 80s and 90s and I put them in a Jar free for anyone to take.

Dobsons lollipops in packs
Dobsons Lollipops in jar

These were in the days where my niece would always hang out with me in my room every time she came to our home and stayed, which was almost every weekend. I miss those times as we had a lot of fun. There were others who came too, my young (at the time) cousin Ayman, my nephew Orie.

Maddi and her niece playing on the PS2

My mum always said “The kids absolutely love you, the first place they want to go to once they arrive, is your room”.

Maddi with Niece and Nephew

It’s true, they always swarmed around me and wanted to play and mess about with computer games and there was always lots of laughter.

Maddi and cousin playing speedball 2
Maddi and Cousin laughing

Orie at the time was a huge fan of my Nostalgia Time gameplay videos, he would literally binge watch them. I remember being motivated to create more for him to watch specifically.

Maddi hanging out with Nephew and Cousin

There is more about the kids, myself and gaming on the Nostalgia Time Gaming section of my website.

I loved it when they all hung out in my room, we laughed until breathless at times as they were all quirky in their own way and somehow we shared the same quirky humour. I miss these times and I miss all the kids <3

Niece sitting behind Maddi's lollipop art.

I did a little photo shoot of the lollipop prior to painting.

Lollipop photoshoot.

It was those years I wanted to capture that feeling in this painting. Not to mention my first major use of palette knives in a painting.

I thought it’d be interesting to photograph this painting before I painted the lollipops into the jar 🙂

Lollipop painting without the lollipops.