burning heart tear painting by Madeeha

The Burning Heart

This one has a spiritual meaning, inspired by a concept in Sufism regarding the burning of the heart. I won’t say too much about it. But I will say that there are two kinds of fire here.

I initially painted this as a digital painting.

burning heart tear digital painting by Madeeha

I felt it was a bit too simplistic as it was just a quick paint to get the concept out.

I wanted to paint a heart but a more realistic one rather than a love heart, which would lighten the mood a little. A realistic heart brings a bit of weight to the message I’m trying to portray across.

Putting the paint onto the canvas before blending it. I remember I was doing this at 1am while everyone else in the house were fast asleep.

This was taken around fifteen minutes after the previous one, I was happy to start getting that fleshy muscular look after blending it all a bit.

Maddi heart painting blended

I put on the colours for the fire. For this I didn’t use a palette as much as just putting paint on the canvas using a palette knife and then blending it on the canvas.

After blending the fire colours, I noticed things starting to see things within the fire and literally just left it as it is. I’m not going to say anything and will let you notice them yourself.

This is me working on this painting at silly o clock at night.