Madeeha in a boat oil painting

Travelling Soul

I have a tendency to see vivid dreams. The kind that feel like real as if they’re physical experiences and memories. This painting is one of them. I remember the boat and sitting in it. There were no oars, the boat was just moving along the surface of the water by itself. I don’t want to go through all the details of the dream as I believe dreams are very private and not to be shared with just anyone.

However this is a scene in that particular dream I saw.

This is how the painting started, I did the initial under layers of it. You have to be very patient at this stage as you can feel you’re not doing it right. It’s hard to envision the final image, but persevere and push through.

Slap some paint on the initial layer and it starts to look a bit more like how I envisioned.

I somewhat struggled to lighten the part of the hair in this and add texture and detail. The boat itself and the hair just felt a bit more darker toned than I’d have liked but it does add that air of mystery.