Backpack with packed tapes inside. Tapes now sent out!

‘Step Inside’ Album Cassette Tapes Now Sent Out! Excited For You To Receive!

The first run of tapes now sent out! Since it’s my first time sending this amount all at once, to many different locations. It was a learning experience. Sending anything overseas has become such a pain! The hoops you have to jump through. The lady at the post office agreed as she had to type each address out onto the computer.

I look forward to hearing back from you all. Please do share pictures and your thoughts of the cassette album with me and on social media.

The Outer Packaging

pile of packed tapes on a sofa, The first run of tapes now sent out!

Someone was mocking me about the black duct tape I used, to secure the packages, persisting the mockery. While walking back from the post office, I remembered all what he said and tried to do, by comparing me to others.

It made me laugh thinking of it, because by the end, these boxes were completely covered with barcodes, QR codes and customs declaration labels. It was to the point where you struggled to see the brown of the box itself, forget the black duct tape.

So had I taken this ‘gentleman’s advice’, to make this box look pretty and fancy so that he (who didn’t even order one) could “enjoy the end to end experience” as he put it. I would have been wasting extra effort, time and money in the end. just as pointless as all his mockery and downplaying was in the end.

So, a lesson for us to take from this: Don’t take seriously the words of those trying to put you down or mock and criticize you for the sake of just making you feel bad and inferior. In the end it ends up futile and meaningless, as just proven by life 🙂

Album cassette in front of roland jupiter 8 synth

Band CDs

I wish to thank Band CDs for offering a great service. They did a great job of materializing my designs onto tape with the on-body printing. Also the great printout on the cassette inlay. I couldn’t be happier with the overall result.

High Demand

So, I’ve only just got my head around that each tape I put out there, sold within hours. I am absolutely thrilled that ‘Step Inside’ has been received so well.

Bandcamp status 9 remaining
Sold out status on bandcamp
comments by people who missed out
Comments of people who missed out.

Again, I’m so thrilled that people are enjoying this album and my others to this extent. Also that I’m still til now seeing people sad that they missed out and seeing such high demand for a physical release on cassette, vinyl record, CDs and even Minidisc!

For those of you who did miss out, rest assured that I will be doing another run of these soon, it’s only fair after all. I talk more in depth about this in the follow up video, which I’ve linked below. Meanwhile:

This is important so that you don’t miss out again on the upcoming second run. You will also be informed when I release other albums on cassette or other physical media. Due to my excitement of this limited run going so well, I have other releases in mind, not to mention a double cassette album project. I can visualize the design of the cassette already, I just need to work on it for it to materialize.

Neelix is also waiting patiently…

Cat sitting alongside synthesizer

Speaking of Neelix, he’s been hanging around my music equipment a lot lately. I think he’s trying to tell me something.


Bob from RetroRGB has written a post on the RetroRGB website about ‘Step Inside’ and also ordered a cassette for himself. He’s been enjoying the album and I look forward to what he thinks of the cassette.

If you’ve just landed here and are wondering what all the fuss is about, then I highly recommend you checking out the last two videos I’ve posted:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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