‘Step Inside’ – My New Music Album Release

Finally! My new music album release, ‘Step Inside’. Initially I was aiming to release it before 2024 even started but I ended up going to Egypt and lots happened after that. We are now in February already, I can’t believe just how time vanishes past.

The trip there made this album interesting as three of the tracks were created in Egypt. They are Amiga tracks since I didn’t take the Polyend tracker, I’ve never done this before but I created music on an emulated Amiga. I had to travel light and I didn’t want to lug around an Amiga setup all the way to Cairo. So in this case, emulation really came in handy! Except no MIDI keyboard, only the computer keyboard and believe me that took me back to my first tracks I created back in the 1990s.

Album Tracks

Here is the track listing for my latest album:

Step Inside Album Track listing

Why not get yourself a copy of the album and listen while reading the rest of this blog post? 🙂

The photograph used in the artwork and the track listing image is one I actually took in Sharm El-Sheikh, In Egypt. The sky turned this beautiful peachy pink colour and the light everywhere was gorgeous.

Palm Trees and peachy pink sky

‘Step Inside’ and ‘Persistence’

So, the first track ‘Step Inside’, the title track, is one that really jump started the energy of the entire album. It’s my personal favorite from the album. Creating this track took me back to the 1980s. I tried harnessing that nostalgic feeling and including it in as many of the tracks throughout this album as possible.

So both these tracks were created using the Polyend Tracker however accompanied by the Yamaha DX7 (in the form of the TX7 and the Korg Volca FM2. I also used a Roland Juno 106 (in the form of a JU-06A)

Yamaha TX7 and Korg Volca FM
Roland JU-06A Synthesizer

I’ve said it before, If money and space weren’t an issue, I’d get the original synthesizers. However the TX7, volca FM2 and JU-06A are very convenient, in fact I’d say the setup I have now is more convenient than the actual synthesizers would be. I’m really enjoying myself using these.

‘Sphere’ and ‘The Inner Side’

Again, these tracks were created on the Polyend Tracker accompanied by the Yamaha DX7 and the Juno 80.

Polyend Tracker Alongside Amiga

I have to say that I’ve really taken to the Polyend tracker, more than I thought I would. It’s the only other tracker I’ve got into as much as Soundtracker Pro 2 on the Amiga.

I’ve noticed the kind of music people create on the Polyend Tracker. However, I myself create on it the way I create music on the Amiga. In other words I treat it the same way as I do my Amiga.

Thank you Polyend <3


This track I created on the Polyend Tracker, I didn’t use any synthesizers on this. however the samples which I did use were all sampled from the Yamaha SY55 which I bought last year. More about that in this post.

So this track is entirely the sound of the Yamaha SY55.

Departure, Sham’a And Sharm El-Sheikh

These three are the tracks which I created during my stay in Egypt. Whenever I hear them I think of all the places and experiences I had there.

Side Note: There are more posts on Egypt to come by the way, once I sort life out a bit I wish to get back to media creation again.

‘Departure’ I could start hearing in my mind when I was sat on the aeroplane en route to Egypt. I was eager to reach Egypt just so I can start creating.

A few people I know, including Rich, don’t like flying but I really like it. It always gave me that travel vibe and the thought of an exciting destination ahead.

I even sampled the captain’s message on the tannoy, intending to use it in my track.

Soundtracker Pro 2 on an Emulated Amiga in Egypt. Creating music.

As stated in the beginning of the post. I created these tracks on the Amiga and without a MIDI keyboard.

Unfortunately I couldn’t actually bring my Amiga. I had to travel as light as possible. I do wish I could have after seeing what was hidden in the corner of this room.

CRT tucked in the corner

‘Sham’a (Power cut)’ I created mid way through my stay over there. Egypt is known to have regular power cuts. In some places every day, in other places every other day. These power cuts would last an hour each time so candles, lanterns and electronic torches are a common sight here. ‘Sham’a’ means ‘Candle’.

Sharm El-Sheikh is a resort (bay) further south of Egypt at the Red Sea. I had a very short but beautiful stay there. It’s very touristy which isn’t normally my thing at all, but it was a nice little escape for a couple of days. I wrote the track when I returned back to Cairo from there.

‘Reflection’ And the Amiga Version

This is the first track I created once I returned from Egypt, a lot has been happening since, ups, downs, in fact quite a roller-coaster of emotions. ‘Reflection’ sort of felt like a release.

I created it on the Polyend Tracker but with the TherapSID synth (More mentioned about it on my last album post). So the arpeggio of this track is true SID. 6581 in one ear and 8580 in the other, creating a beautiful Stereo SID effect. Thank you Twisted Electrons for creating this synth <3

The Amiga version I created afterwards so it came second. However, unlike the Amiga version of ‘Paradox’ in my last album, the Amiga version of ‘Reflection’ varies a bit from the Polyend and SID Version.

And last but not least ‘Step Away (Ascension)’

‘Step Away’ Is a Polyend track, however alongside it I use the Juno 106 synth and arpeggiator which you can hear in the background in some parts.

I thought this would be a beautiful way to close the album.

Step Inside Album Audio equipment setup

I’m an artist first before anything else, all what I do whether it be music, painting, photography or even electronics, is a way of art expression. Just like with my artwork in the form of painting, I don’t want to say or explain too much about the sentiment and meaning behind all what I do. Whether it be music, painting or photography. I want to let you experience it for yourself and make of it what you will.

But I will say one thing, whatever I create, it always has a deep meaning.

I hope you enjoy this album as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Added: Step Inside Cassette Release!

I’ve only gone and released ‘Step Inside’ on cassette now! Thirty tapes sold out within six hours of putting them on there. It’s all happening here:

Please don’t forget to leave my album a review on Bandcamp 🙂

7 responses to “‘Step Inside’ – My New Music Album Release”

  1. Paul Δ. avatar
    Paul Δ.

    Very cool Maddi! Congratulations. You are truly a light in this world. Looking forward to hearing it and will definitely be purchasing. I love the album artwork too! 🙂

    1. Maddi avatar

      Thanks so much Paul, that is so kind. I’m glad you liked the artwork and really hope you enjoy the album! 🙂

  2. Corey Ostman avatar
    Corey Ostman

    I just finished listening to the entire album! 🙂 It’s a wonderful journey and I appreciate how each track stands on its own yet they all weave together into an entire story. Cheers, Maddi and have an excellent weekend!

    1. Maddi avatar

      Thanks Corey! I’m glad you enjoyed the album and noticed a connection between the tracks.
      It’s my pleasure and I hope you’re having a great weekend1

  3. Greg avatar

    Congrats. I too, am considering a release of my songs of over 30 years…all made with Octamed.

    Greg L.

    1. Maddi avatar

      Thanks! Go for it.

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