• Website Artwork Section Launch

    Website Artwork Section Launch

    I’ve been going through all my files, dusty old hard drives and have put together every bit of artwork I could find from the earliest possible times of my life till the present day. I REALLY need to re-organize the files on my computers. So many “New backup” folders and “new temporary sorting” folders. I…

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  • Website and Blog Revamp

    Website and Blog Revamp

    Some of you will have probably noticed that my website has been down for a few months now. However now, EVERYTHING has been updated and re-written. Up until now, Wayne (Electronscape) was hosting my website and blog alongside his own. He then started having issues with his web host: My website was initially a late…

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  1. I suggest you take a look at the updates on the facebook group itself. Also the Patreon, it’s been paused…

  2. SidBox still Seems years away from completion? Is this the case? I think folks would love some Road Map confidence…