MAddi in Egypt with Black Tea and Breadstick in her mouth

Returning From Egypt, Catching Up And What’s Been Going On

Get yourself a nice big warm mug of tea, coffee, chocolate or whatever you have. This will be a hearty blog post, since I have a lot to share. I’ve summarized everything the best I can.

Firstly, my apologies for not being around much lately. A few of you have been messaging and commenting, asking where I am and if everything’s okay or wondering why I’m quiet. Life has been very involved since I returned from Egypt and things need sorting out.

As you may have known from a previous blog post or if you follow me on Mastodon, Facebook or Twitter. I stayed in Egypt for a month visiting relatives and friends.

And probably one of the reasons for such a hearty post is that there’s been a lot of processing and catching up to do.

Content-wise, I’ve been catching up, filming, working on my album and a lot around that. I also filmed a lot in Egypt and did some photography there also. You will see snippets in my music video I just posted, more about that below.

I’ve Been Quiet

A little moment to explain a couple of things about me which most may not realize. I tend to be sentimental about things and there’s a good reason.

My memory is strong and I’m that person who remembers people vividly who have probably long forgotten me. Names may slip from my mind, but faces don’t. There’s been many times where someone has walked past me, not recognizing me, yet I’ve remembered them from infant school despite seeing them for the first time after 32 years.

I know it’s very unusual to have this kind of memory especially after having a discussion with Rich about it the other day. This is probably why I feel strong pangs of nostalgia for my life in the 80s and 90s.

Sure I harness this and use it as the fuel for my creativity, but it can also be a curse as well as a blessing. Sometimes you want to forget certain things but you cannot. Sometimes, especially after leaving a place, you miss people for a longer duration than they would miss you.

I’m still missing people from Egypt, honestly speaking I struggled to part with some of you there, more than you realised. I always keep that part to myself.

Anyway, I met a lot of dear people there, my friend Marwa who I’ve known for many years.

Malak, a beautiful soul who I had an amazing time with.

And little Mostafa who wanted to come back to the UK with me.

Of course these are just a few of many.

It’s February and I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I returned. I have to say I still think about you all in Egypt, you have left such a big impression on me <3 <3

I can be quite reserved about who I let close to me, but once I make a genuine connection with someone, then I won’t forget them.

Still now, there are people messaging me from Egypt saying “Come back! We miss you”. It’s so heart warming. I definitely feel I’ve left parts of my self over there still and I hope to visit again soon.

Also not only people In Egypt. since I’ve been away, I have been missing the back and forth with some of you regulars who comment on my channel. I notice and I’m aware of some of you more than you realise.

So it really is time to get a nice hot mug of tea and catch up with everything and messages online.

I hope you’re all keeping warm and cosy this winter. <3

New Album Release

Some of you know that I released a new album recently called ‘Step Inside’. I hope those of you who got yourself a copy are enjoying it. I know some of you are and have sent me messages and others have commented around.

Thank you!

Those of you who don’t know about it, my previous blog post goes into more detail.

In case you missed it, I’ve created a music video of the title track ‘Step Inside’.

And yes with some footage from Egypt, specifically Sharm El-Sheikh.

First of all, thank you all so much for the wonderful comments and feedback! I’m touched by some of the things some of you say and the support you give. <3

There’s a few of you who’ve said they’ll be recording it onto tape, others requesting physical releases. Which excites me actually. I do love physical releases, ideally I would love to have my music on vinyl record. I would have to do it just one time at least if I can. But I’m definitely going to do a limited run of cassettes, I’ve been considering it for a while now.

I also need to record a Minidisc of it for Robin (Rich’s dad). Each time I release an album, I always record a copy for him as he’s always looking forward to my new releases. <3

Trip to Egypt And My Return

I have so much more to show about Egypt. In a nutshell I’ve had a very interesting month while there, I’m missing everyone so much right now. All the relatives and friends. People constantly telling me not to leave and making me promise to return soon <3

I also got such a warm welcome back from my family when I returned. It was so nice to see Rich at the station. Rich’s lovely daughter Alice, his son Luke, his parents Robin and Jan as well as his sister Sarah all welcomed me and I got to share a bit of Egypt with them all.

Although not only bringing stuff back to share, Rich’s daughter Alice also left her mark in Egypt.

I showed both Rich and Alice a photo of how everything is so dusty in Cairo, people cover their cars there. So she pleaded me to draw something very specific on a car.

So please don’t look at me, I was literally following orders!

drawing willy on a dusty car in Egypt


I brought a lot back from there and it was not enough. I am also missing eating guavas every day, the organic fruit and veg, not to mention the cuisine too.

packed suitcase from Egypt

Yeah, I see you squinting!

Yes you’re seeing correctly. I noticed ‘Windows’ crisps there which made me laugh. I just had to bring a pack back for Rich, who I’m sure, as a hardcore Linux user, would really appreciate them 😉

Windows Crisps

Before I left, Rich’s sister Sarah actually created a wonderful piece of artwork for me, something for me to take and think of them while I was away.

Artwork on slate

It traveled with me around Egypt. Sarah’s work of art is back home with me and I’ll surely be treasuring it <3

While there, I met up with a friend Tamer, who has been watching my channel for a while. He basically opened up the world of vintage audio equipment of Egypt for me.

So I visited him and his lovely family who welcomed me with open arms and needless to say we did a lot of retro filming there. I was hoping to come back home with audio tapes from Egypt, and thanks to Tamer, I did!

Videos upcoming of course!

It’s nice to be back, especially after the warm welcome from everyone. We all went out for a meal and Rich’s daughter Alice is happy to have me back also.

I missed everyone here <3

Even Neelix missed me, although he’d never admit it directly, he didn’t leave my lap for hours that day and evening <3

Back from Egypt and cosy on the couch next to Rich with the cat on my lap

And Finally, Channel Plans.

Speaking of videos upcoming, It’s extremely difficult for me to plan or script any video. I like to express feelings “off the cuff” as described about me in that issue of Amiga future magazine which I featured in some time back (Issue 127).

Also, I still have to make a video on and explore my ZX Spectrum Next, which arrived while I was in Egypt.

Yeah I know I’m probably the last person to do a video on the ZX Spectrum Next, but who cares. I would like to share my exploration of it with you all not to mention I have an exciting Spectrum build upcoming too.

So I’ve had a couple of videos Commodore 64 videos posted and ZX Spectrum is upcoming.

I wish to however get back into Amiga again at some point because I’m getting Amiga withdrawals. Although I’m still including elements of it in my videos and still using it and writing music.

Catch ups

If you haven’t watched the two boombox videos and the two Ultimate 64 build videos yet then here they are:

Thank you for sticking around, wishing you warmth <3

11 responses to “Returning From Egypt, Catching Up And What’s Been Going On”

  1. Jason Marrison avatar
    Jason Marrison

    Hiya Maddi ☺️ Oh this was a wonderful, “2 cup of tea” blog post that l hugely enjoyed. What a fantastic time you had in Egypt and l can’t wait to see what content we see from your time over there.

    You instantly get the feeling that Egypt is a place where you make friends for life when you visit and that must be magical to experience ☺️

    I have to say that your memory for people and faces is quite something! It’s the other way around for me as l seem to make a lasting impression with people, (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing lol 😂). I put that down to being a giant of a human more than anything 🙄

    The new album is exceptional Maddi and l would happily pay for a cassette, record or Mini Disc, (to be honest l’d have all three), if that was going to happen with a future project 🤔👍🏼

    It really is warms my soul when l see how much you were missed by friends and family and I do love seeing good vibes and beautiful times being shared!

    Thank you for sharing with us all that you do Maddi. It’s such a pleasure to journey along with you.

    As always, all my best to you, Rich, Mr Neelix and the whole family ☺️

    1. Maddi avatar

      Hey Jason! Nice to hear from you again.
      There is a lot more about Egypt to come, I did a lot there in just a month and more music videos upcoming hopefully!

      Thing is I had a discussion with Rich the other day and he said that most people don’t seem to remember much of their life around 5-6 years old or younger, that it seems unusual for someone to remember the earlier years. It was interesting hearing that as I remember a lot, quite vividly from 1-6 years. I knew I was weird but not that weird lol!

      With regards to you making a lasting impression on people, you seem to have a presence about you, i’m talking about your personality of course since I’ve never met you in person lol
      For example if you were to write to me anonymously, I’d somehow know it’s you… Maybe it could be that?

      It’s a pleasure to share with you Jason, I’ve actually missed being around and chit chatting with you regulars who comment. As I’ve said in the past it kinda has the same feeling as talking to nice neighbours when taking a walk down the street 🙂

      I hope you have a nice evening, all the best to you and Fiona 🙂

  2. Paul Jackson avatar
    Paul Jackson

    Congratulations on another fabulous album release Maddi, I’m really enjoying it! I can just feel that physical release getting ever closer… Looking forward to purchasing one of those too.

    Such great 80’s vibes and I bet using Soundtracker with the qwerty keyboard brought back some fond memories! Difficult to pick a favourite but I’m loving the Departure track and the nostalgic atmosphere you’ve created.

    Grab a beverage and read on she said. I got as far as your artistic handiwork in the dust and, well, hahaha let’s just say I nearly spat my tea out! 🤣

    1. Maddi avatar

      Lol! Oh crap, I didn’t think about the beverage and the dust artwork :-)))) I’m so sorry hahaha
      Looking back at that drawing, I did it so small i dont even know which way around it is now.
      Okay MOVING ON lol!

      Thank you Paul, i’m glad you’re enjoying the album. I just knew you were going to enjoy ‘Departure’ because of the tannoy sample I recorded in the aircraft cabin. I knew especially after hearing the tracks you’ve created 😀

      Soundtracker with the querty keyboard really took me back. Honestly I was a little nervious, not sure if I was going to be able to come up with anything because I’m so used to playing about with musical keyboards when coming up with melodies.

      I’m really goin to look into physical releases even if I do a limited run of them.

  3. James avatar

    What a fab blog post and catch up! Love seeing the photos of you and Egypt, its a place I’ve always wanted to go! Looking forward to the upcoming videos 🙂 look after yourself!

    1. Maddi avatar

      Thanks James! It’s definitely a place, where if you connect with the people there, it will leave a nice impression on you. i need to get in gear again and create more content, I have a lot waiting. Thank you and take care! 🙂

  4. Malak avatar

    First of all I miss u so much
    and hope u come to Egypt again.
    Thank u for ur beautiful words about me, I was happy to be with u and had a great time with u 😍🫂
    Ur MV is so cool and amazing
    💯 ✨✨✨

    1. Maddi avatar

      Malak! So great so see your words here 🙂
      Really missing you too and InshaAllah I come to Egypt again as it’s left an impression on me. I won’t ever forget the evening we chilled together along with the kids <3
      I’m glad you enjoyed the MV, i’m proud to have footage from Egypt in it 😀

  5. Paul D (Delta) avatar
    Paul D (Delta)

    Maddi if you do do (doodoo) a limited run of your tapes for your album im going to be that annoying person and say PLEASE save one for me. Will 100 percent purchase it and pay for shipping. Can’t wait for the new vids. Peace!

    1. Maddi avatar

      I’m starting to consider it more lately, even if it’s just a small limited run. And I definitely will save one aside for you Paul 🙂 Peace!

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