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My Computer Situation And My Video FX Discovery

I like to explore and mess around with things. I was doing that with Davinci Resolve, the video editing software that I use, and came across some exciting new things. Talk about accidental discoveries which grab the heart and pull you in.

Now in case any of you haven’t watched one of my recent videos about my Tuxedo Linux laptop, my workflow setup and that big journey, It’s here:

One of the reasons for me delaying getting back into posting videos earlier this year was that I had to change my entire workflow. I assure you that’s not a small thing to do.

Since 2015 when I started video creation on youtube. My first ever project was a hackintosh build. On that machine I had Final Cut Pro X, which has been my editing software since, up until January 2023. 8 years on youtube and all that editing. FCPX just became an extension of my limbs (well the two upper ones anyway).

FCPX software

Now all of a sudden, after so long I decide to upgrade and get a new laptop specifically for Linux and have got myself Davinci Resolve Studio 18. There is a fair amount of unlearning and re-learning to do.

Davinci resolve

If you know me well, you’ll know that I’m the type who makes her tech last until it’s kicking and screaming for mercy. Heck I’ve only had two mobile phones this past decade and one of those was a hand me down. My hackintosh build has been showing signs of shakiness. If that goes belly up, there would be no way for me to edit videos, photos or audio.

I’m not an Apple person at all. The last time I bought a brand new laptop was 2007, when I was into Apple (when they were still all right). Now getting one in 2023, yeah too freakin right I’m going to make sure it’s a good one. I know I’m going to make it last as long as I can!

Maddi hackintosh build

As a result, I’ve had to change my entire system of editing videos, including the software itself. Moving from OS X and FCPX to Fedora and Davinci Resolve 18. (I’ve been a Linux user, properly, since 2016 but only on a secondary computer). My way of editing has changed and unlearning FCPX was tough as old habits die hard. But after creating a few videos since, I’m talking about a handful, I’m already starting to get to know Davinci resolve, quicker than I expected! Let’s just hope I don’t ever need to use FCPX again or my head will be mashed.

Davinci Resolve Studio is what I’m using and I’ve discovered a few things on there. You have effects and you can combine and construct along with your footage. As you can imagine a visual and arty soul like me, I’ve been having fuuun! As a result I’ve created a new outro for my videos.

How it started as a nasty accident actually, I was clearing up my project manager on Davinci Resolve and deleting projects that I had already uploaded. The thing is, I had a (bad) habit of pinching the outros from the previous video and that’s how I always did it (of course add and subtract Patron’s names whenever need be and change the music listing). But after this clear up, I was editing my latest video and once I completed and got to the outro bit. *Screams* No video to pinch it from, it’s gone! I freakin deleted it didn’t I.

Davinci FX sony walkman

So I’ve had to reconstruct it from the beginning and this time in an isolated project of it’s own so I don’t delete it accidentally. That’ll teach me to be lazy!

Anyway, this is how the new discoveries came about, me being arty I started faffing around with the video effects and have fallen in love. Check out my outro on my latest video!!! I HAVE PLANS!!! 😀

8 responses to “My Computer Situation And My Video FX Discovery”

  1. Corey Ostman avatar
    Corey Ostman

    I noticed the new outro but didn’t know the backstory. Can’t go wrong with Neelix at the beginning!

    1. Paul Jackson avatar
      Paul Jackson

      Yes indeed, Neelix with his meow is a such a great touch.

      I’m imagining him saying “Neelix approves this message” but if he’s anything like my two it’s probably more like “When is 2nd breakfast?”.

      1. Maddi avatar

        He’s definitely like your two then. he expects 5 meals a day some days!

  2. Jason Marrison avatar
    Jason Marrison

    Hiya Maddi ☺️ Like Corey, l also noticed the new outro to your last video, (very striking that neon effect) and thought…”wow that’s cool” Now we have a detailed explanation of how that came about which is awesome.

    It must have been a very steep learn curve to go from one system and editing software to another and do the two share any familiarities I wonder? Sounds like you have opened a veritable Aladdin’s cave of editing wonders which l hope over future uploads we will get to see and hear!

    Great blog post Maddi and also very inspiring as always ☺️👍🏼

    1. Maddi avatar

      Hiya Jason,
      When I first saw the neon the neon type effect, it’s when the excitement about all this began haha.
      Yeah, definitely there’s been a lot of head mashing going on trying to migrate from one setup to another. A lot of the issue comes with unlearning really. in general the concept is the same in all editing software but there are differences and how they work, what features they have, the tools and where they are, are different.
      Once you get to know it, it’s fine. The new setup seems more efficient ad i’m taking to it quite quickly actually.
      Thank you Jason! i’m glad you enjoyed. Looking forward to catching up with yours too! 🙂

  3. Paul Jackson avatar
    Paul Jackson

    Moving your whole digital editing world to it’s new forever(?) home sounds like it’s been a real journey of discovery.

    Certainly noticed the great new outtro and loving those smooth transitions.

    It’s been a good while since I used Davinci Resolve, version 11 or 12 I think, so compared to Resolve 18 that probably makes it retro now! I barely scratched the surface but knowing just a little of how powerful and versatile it was then I can see how you’d be excited about the creative possibilities. I have no doubt you’ll bend it to your creative will in no time at all.

    Intrigued now to see what form those “PLANS” take…

    1. Maddi avatar

      Indeed it has been quite a journey of discovery. I’ve learned a lot from it actually and loving the new setup already. It’s gotta be good if i’m picking it up quite quick.

      Nice you’ve known Davinci Resolve’s earlier versions. You know what i’m talking about here then when I say how powerful it is.
      Yeeah, I have some creative plans. You’ll see eventually 🙂

      1. Paul Jackson avatar
        Paul Jackson

        Yeah it seems an age ago now. Once you get comfy in your editors chair, hours of fun can be had!

        I loved the multicam in Resolve. Setting up two or more cameras for different angles, set them all recording then using the multicam clips.

        Aaaand fade to camera 2… now cut to Neelix cam… 🙂

        Exciting times!

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