Amiga and video recording setup

Recording VHS Gameplay videos

So this week’s project video is delayed as there was a lot going on this week, I managed to film it but still yet to edit. The reason being was that there were celebrations on Friday and I prepared food and desserts. So instead of rushing and stress myself out I decided to postpone the editing and film some Nostalgia Time game footage.

Amiga 600 and VHS tapes

So I got my big red box of filming equipment out. Audio and video leads, cables, adapters, interfaces, all sorts of wonders in there. I set the VCR up and linked it to my Amiga’s video output. Of course VHS doesnt accept RGB so I had to use composite.

So how and why? Amiga Gameplay… VCR… VHS… Recording…. whaa?? ..

Yeah chill, let me explain.

First of all, I’d like to say that I seem to “enjoy” making life difficult for myself. When I have a creative idea of some sort, I go all out and berserk, going around the house looking for parts, cables and what not, like a crazed mad woman. If there’s an Idea in my mind, it needs to be done and out there. Now that you how I operate, I’ll continue.

It all started when I did that C64 nostalgia time a few months back where I wanted to test out the DVD recorder in the built in TV Rich has.

Not being able to find a DVD+R disc in the house I saw the VCR there and thought hmmm. Now this opened up a HUGE can of worms. I started messing with camcorders and the Amiga Genlock, hence why I have a wave of Amiga VHS and Genlock videos

By the way. I’ve still not finished with VHS videos, there are some upcoming at some point, just life got in the way, but I still have stuff I wish to try and share with you.

Now in the past, you’ll know I got into CRTs the same way after getting a PVM and BVM. I then started recording Nostalgia Times via CRT. As in my DSLR facing the CRT BVM and recording the gameplay. It’s the Nostalgia Time gameplay videos that seem to benefit from anything new I discover. People record normal gameplay videos captured either from an upscaler or via emulation. But NOoOoO!! I have to be all complicated and go nuts with my gameplay production.

Now there are many examples of gameplays in my Nostalgia Time playlist, some are done via CRT, others via VHS. Playlist linked on my youtube channel and even on the main index page of my website.

Nostalgia Time Playlist

Anyway, so that’s how the recording Nostalgia Time gameplays via VHS began.

Nostalgia Time VHS tape in VCR

So what was happening today? Well I decided to record a few Nostalgia time videos onto VHS, and by the way, to film myself playing them, I use a CRT Camera (or a Newvicon Tube camera) Another one of my crazy wild tangents I went on.

Being arty and creative minded is such a pain in the a** I’ll tell you now! When there’s an idea, it HAS to be done or it’ll bug me, niggle at my neurones and prevent me from sleeping. (How Rich puts up with me is anyone’s guess, maybe this is why I’ve been single up until 38 years old).

So as you can imagine, I’m practically using equipment from the 80s and 90s to record my Nostalgia time videos currently. I dread to think what I’ll discover in future. Can my gameplay video recording method get any crazier?!?? And yes it’s as you imagine. Cables and wires trailing around, power adapters and transformers humming and radiating their vintage warmth and scent, which makes you flash back to your childhood years.

A520 Modulator

Now I used this dude today, I’m sure everyone has at least one of these gathering dust. People have already commented saying they have two, three, four or more.
I have two, ones lost somewhere but I know it’s around, the other is here.

Thanks to my WHDload setup not being set up anymore because I upgraded to OS3.2 on my A1200. I have no WHDload setup. Recently I’ve brought out my A600 with the Furia upgrade (that I created a video about last summer). I started playing games on that using an external Gotek (while selecting the device to boot from DF1: at early bootup menu) .

I recorded a few games but some games are complete a**holes and require DF0 strictly. So having no luck with the A1200 (no WHDLoad right now)

I brought out the A500 with the ACA500Plus connected tot he side. That beauty of an accelerator is able to make the Amiga think that DF1 is DF0, so ALL games work using my external gotek. One problem NO COMPOSITE VIDEO OUT!

Freakin A500 only has a MONO video signal out, what the freak for?!? So I’ve had to resort to using this A520 modulator which I always HATED!!! it’s the most awkward and annoying thing. It sticks out like a sore thumb, takes up more space on the desk or table or wherever you’ve put it, freakin eyesore. Well no, not an eyesore, it looks cute because it has the A500 look. Like a tiddly A500. But that doesn’t excuse it for being crap.

Lemming prop next to lava lamp

Anyway, I recorded one….ONE single gameplay today in the space of six hours due to one thing or other going wrong! Remind me why I do all this stuff please?!?
And even that ONE Nostalgia time, I forgot to connect the f***ing microphone to the VCR so I have to salvage the faint game audio recorded via my voice mic.. GRRRRRRR.

I also posted another short about this:

I’ll be sure to update you once I’ve uploaded that Nostalgia Time video.

Also when recording my project video last week, bum fluff decided to sit on my Amiga right in the middle of the video and I couldn’t do anything about it.

Neelix Sat on Amiga 1200

Have a great evening all! Adios!

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8 responses to “Recording VHS Gameplay videos”


    I wouldn’t call it “making it hard for yourself”, I’d call it “making the process a lot more fun and interesting”
    I think it’s kinda cool that you’re capturing game footage on VHS. I used to capture recordings of “music” I had made in Mario Paint onto VHS tapes (yeah, that was a thing back in the day) but unfortunately I no longer have any of them tapes (nor do I have a copy of Mario Paint for the SNES anymore)

    1. Maddi avatar

      Yeah definitely the process does end up being a lot more fun and the feeling I get, after all the effort I put in, and it’s done finally.
      There’s something about capturing game footage on VHS, it just adds some sort of organic feel to it. 🙂

  2. Jason avatar

    Hiya Maddi, first time responding to one of your blog post! Why do things the easy way lol? and the journey to making the uploads is just so interesting with the work arounds and creative thinking you have to come up with!

    That A520 modulator just seemed like an afterthought by the Amiga peeps and you have this beautiful design with this dude sticking out the back. I was going to ask if the Amiga’s after that had a different solution for that problem and how do you connect those?

    Anyways Maddi, hope you had a blessed day Friday just gone, good celebrations and thank you for the blog post…. J

    1. Maddi avatar

      Hiya Jason, Yes Indeed, welcome to my site and blog, it’s good to see you here! Actually commenting here will have more of a chance for comments or responses being more permanent. Where as social media platforms can go up in dust, or slowly melt down the drain. Just like the tweeting blue bird lol!

      The Amigas after the A500 have built in RF modulators and there’s a composite output instead of a mono video signal out. So they did improve on that part at least lol.

      Indeed I had a blessed Friday Jason thank you! I hope you’re having a good weekend 🙂

  3. Steve avatar

    Very interesting reading about your adventures with all that old kit. I could never afford a Genlock ‘back in the day’ (or a camcorder for that matter) but was always fascinated by what you could do with them in conjunction with the Amiga. Definitely up for seeing that sort of stuff on your channel though.

    Nice to see you making blog posts rather than doing stuff on social media too which is something I try to stay away from these days (although I do dabble with Mastodon now).

    Shout out to your cat too – I have a little Calico cat that loves nothing better than to plonk herself down across the front of my keyboard whilst I’m trying to use it. I’ve tried putting comfy beds nearby but nothing seems to beat the allure of my keyboard!

    1. Maddi avatar

      Like yourself I couldn’t afford this stuff back then but really wanted it. I’m really enjoying messing about with it for the first time though. I have more to come regarding Amiga, genlocks and cameras.

      I can understand you giving up social media, I feel it’s not done the best of things for humanity overall. I only use it for the sake of my channel. In all honesty if it wasn’t for that i’d have ditched it all. Although i’m focusing on Mastodon these days, like you i’m finding myself on there more. I think the site and blog is a good main place for the channel as its accessible by, well, everyone really 🙂

      Hahah oh no, your cat sounds like mine. Getting comfy beds for Neelix is a waste of money, he doesn’t sleep in one single place, he seems to find a spot and sleep in it for a week or two, then another spot after that. We find ourselves wondering where the next place will be!

  4. Paul Jackson avatar
    Paul Jackson

    Like yourself, and no doubt many others, I too have bags and boxes much like your big red box of filming equipment. None are quite as eye catching though, just plain old plastic bags and cardboard boxes!

    Collections of vital things that I need for . For me, though, they are often rediscovered from time to time when im looking for something else. I have selections of cables and connectors and converters and bits of kit that connect something to another something.

    I’m amazed just how many things I have that once were used daily and now, many years later, I only vaguely remember what their purpose is! In fact I’m sure I have a box of DVD+RWs somewhere, but if I had to find it on a hurry? No chance! Probably under a box of, um, really important, um, thingamies.

    Your enthusiasm, passion, and enjoyment for what you do always shines through so it’s such a pleasure to follow your retro adventures! Thank you Maddi!

    1. Maddi avatar

      Hello Paul, thanks for dropping by!
      There’s one reason for that big red box of filming equipment, and that is me working out of boxes and carrier bags!. By the sounds of it, you know the pain well haha. When I realised that I was spending a silly amount of time looking through bags and boxes before a shoot and my energy was going into that more than creating the video, I just knew something had to be done.

      I still have bags and boxes unfortunately and exactly as you describe “If I had to find it on a hurry? No chance! Probably under a box of, um, really important, um, thingamies.”
      So it’s not just me then 🙂

      I’m really happy to hear that you enjoy all what I share. Thank you Paul!

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