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Website Artwork Section Launch

I’ve been going through all my files, dusty old hard drives and have put together every bit of artwork I could find from the earliest possible times of my life till the present day.

I REALLY need to re-organize the files on my computers. So many “New backup” folders and “new temporary sorting” folders. I even saw a “NEWER Backups” folder somewhere…


Something has to be done! I’m going to end up with a folder named “EVEN NEWER backup folder than all the other NEW ones”

Anyway, I managed to get as much together as I could find, even things I drew and painted in late childhood and early teens.

So as a result of all this faffing about, I’m launching a new section on my website.

website art section preview

I have written about my journey with art and show most of my artwork. I talk a little about how it all began, what I’m currently doing and all in between.

website art section preview

I even write a little about doing artwork on the Amiga using Deluxe Paint. However I still need to gather all my Amiga artwork and create a dedicated page, linking it to the art section. So there’s something to look forward to in the near future.

website art section preview

I’ve put links under certain paintings, which link to their dedicated pages and go into more detail about them.

website art section preview

Whenever I create more artwork, I won’t be adding more to the Art section itself. Instead I will be making blog posts about it. These blog posts will be categorized as ‘Art’ , which itself will be linked on the Artwork section.

This way if you wish to know about anything new I’ve done, you can still go to the Artwork section where you’ll find that link to the ‘Art’ category.

The other sections of the website also need updating, such as the music, photography and gameplay videos. I want them to be a bit more than just links going to Bandcamp or Flickr etc. Just like with the Artwork section, I want to create a proper page, talk about the background, how I do it, how it began etc. I will update the other sections over time and write a new blog post to let you know.

So please do subscribe to my blog here to receive updates.

I hope you enjoy my artwork and reading all about it, don’t forget to comment below and let me know what you think when you’re done…Adios! 🙂

8 responses to “Website Artwork Section Launch”

  1. Corey Ostman avatar
    Corey Ostman

    Maddi, I’m happy you’re back into art. Going through everything in the art section it’s amazing (even the darker period.) I love that Rich’s parents are encouraging you!!

    (You might want to include a link to your art section in this blog post.)

    1. Maddi avatar

      Yikes, I thought I had done! I must have accidentally deleted the link when pressing return lol stupid thing keeps doing that.
      Thank you for alerting me to that Corey and really happy to know you liked my art!

  2. Jason avatar

    Hiya Maddi ☺️ and l didn’t realise this would be a 3 cup of tea blog and website read initially!! The new artwork section is just breath taking, my goodness.

    I read everything, including all the links describing each piece you created and l will go back and re-read these and the entire section again because it just absolutely demands it.

    This wasn’t so much as a website read but a wonderful, eclectic, beautiful, harrowing at times, and thought provoking journey and l am truly blessed and honoured that l was allowed to walk through.

    Art, music and anything creative is just mirroring of emotions, thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes, dreams and so much more.

    These are crafted by the creator and if done with heart and soul, they absolutely resonate with the viewer or listener.

    Believe me Maddi, it’s resonates…

    Thank you!

    1. Maddi avatar

      What a beautiful comment Jason, thank you so much for taking the time to read through my website and for making the effort to understand. I’m really touched by your comment because I can see from the way you’ve written this, that certain things resonated with you.

      “Art, music and anything creative is just mirroring of emotions, thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes, dreams and so much more.” I couldn’t have put it better myself. You, for sure, get it!

      Thank you once again Jason, I really appreciate your words! 🙂

  3. Paul Jackson avatar
    Paul Jackson

    There’s not a cloud in the sky. I’m sat in the garden, two cats sunning themselves nearby, with a cold beer next to me.

    Delighted to see the launch of the new artwork section making my afternoon even better. What more could I ask?

    Well on closer inspection, and to answer my own question, I may be needing a 2nd beer!

    Wow! There’s a profusion of pictures & links to even more posts! You have been incredibly busy with this new section and included such detail. There’s so much to enjoy this may take some time… but I’m more than OK with that!

    Thank you Maddi!

    1. Maddi avatar

      With no cloud in the sky and cats sunning themselves. It sounds like perfect day!
      Summer is definitely starting to reveal itself as it’s beautiful here too.

      I have indeed been busy with putting all this together, some pieces I found which I even forgot about. I hope it adds to the already beautiful day you’re having.

      It’s my pleasure Paul and thank you!

      1. Paul Jackson avatar
        Paul Jackson

        Thanks Maddi, it has indeed added pleasure to my day.

        What an incredible range of mediums and subject matter you have turned your hand to. So many stories and feelings conveyed. Thank you for sharing so much of the creative processes, emotions, & meaning expressed in your work.

        I’m in complete agreement with Jason. Such a captivating collection deserves more than one viewing/read through and I will absolutely be doing just that.

        Your art is beautiful, and is made even more so upon understanding the creative journey of the piece.

        Truly lovely colour and light in the picture of Mr Neelix sat by the rug with the sunshine streaming through the window. I can just feel the warmth of that sunshine.

        Wonderful reading. Thanks again.

        Ooh, and belated happy 40th birthday Maddi!

        1. Maddi avatar

          Thanks for the lovely comment Paul. It’s nice to see that my art page compielmented the already lovely day you were having out in the garden!

          Most of the pieces I did refrain from giving too much of the sentiment behind them away because I wanted those who view to be free to interpret from the painting. But with a couple of them I feel I had to be specific as to what they meant.

          With Mr Neelix on the rug haha I couldn’t resist but paint that one, it’s just perfect. When it comes to photography, I concentrate a lot on the mood and light in my shots. I know my photography has influenced my painting a lot, which is something you’ve noticed with the warm sunlight in it 🙂

          And thank you for the belated birthday wishes! 🙂

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