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Woaw, I see the last time I updated this thing was 20th August 2020, I can’t believe it’s 2022 already. I can still remember starting my channel in 2015, I can’t believe it’s been seven years already.

Anyway, lots has been happening since and I mean LOTS. And all this is aside from the Covid. Meaning this situation has got nothing to do with Covid lockdowns etc etc, which to be frank I’m tired of hearing about. Thank goodness I stopped watching TV 18 years ago. I’d prefer not to be programmed what to think and how to feel.

Okay so whats been happening the past 2-3 years, And why my video posting has drastically reduced. I’m about to share a side to me which I don’t usually share.

In 2019-2020 I was going through a personal dilemma, a few setbacks in life. Topping all that I struggle with high functioning depression and anxiety, I have done for most of my life, but it flared up in this period of time and became not so high functioning. It got the better of me.

Yeah behind all the giggling and laughter you see on my channel and the photos I post of my adorable little d!ckhead cat, whom I love to pieces. There is a very pensive soul who keeps quiet about her struggles. True mental health sufferers do Not constantly make a public show about their suffering and ‘mental health’ on social media or otherwise… Ever! I think those who use mental health to attention seek are disgusting frankly. It takes away from those who are truly suffering from it.

I’m a very private person and hate talking about it or mentioning it, to be frank, I’d rather you not know about anything like that. So then why am I telling you? Well, when it starts hindering my video output the way it has over the last 2-3 years and there are people following and supporting me, those who have noticed it. I feel then It’s best to share a summary with those of you who genuinely care. I’d rather you have some sort of an idea of what’s going on in the background.

After all you’ve taken the time to engage with me via my videos and to appreciate them. It
means more than you realise and I feel sentiments like that deserve more value than they get in our desensitised society these days.

So yeah, 2020 wasn’t the easiest of years, I needed help and support, actually I needed therapy. I had a few sessions with a therapist? who really wasn’t helpful, so I felt I had to deal with it by myself, which didn’t work out too smoothly. But I’m a fighter, I’ve dealt with and fought more toxic people throughout my life than I can count on all my fingers and toes. Yeah there’s a lot of unpleasantness in my history. There’s been backstabbing, there’s been abuse, there’s been a lot more which I’ll spare you the details of.

Yeah I’ve had an unpleasant ride in life, been there done that got the f**king scars to prove it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though, thankfully going through these intense experiences has given me an internal bullsh!t-o-meter (I sometimes call it the Fake-o-meter) and even though I’m outwardly polite and don’t let on, oh don’t be fooled, I can sense a steaming pile of bullsh!t coming before it‘s first ever contact with fresh air.

Late 2020 till first quarter of 2021 I was having huge issues with a friend, almost losing them, which would’ve been devastating, I had to take care of their mental well being as well as my own, simultaneously. That’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to do and it took it’s toll on me and left me shattered internally. There was me looking after this friend’s mental well being, yet nobody looking after mine and I needed it at the time.

You see I value true friendships, I know I seem bubbly and friendly when talking to people, but I’m actually an introvert and I don’t like surrounding myself with crowds of people to give everyone an illusion that I have a huge grandiose presence, I’m strong enough not to feel the need to do that. I’m more fulfilled with a few but meaningful friendships, this is why I’m very picky with friendships and who I allow into my circle. I’m the type where my close circle of friends comes close to being family.

Anyway around a similar time 2021, I had started talking to, who is now my other half, Rich. With all the chaos happening in each of our lives at the time it was hardly a romantic setting, but in a funny sort of way, it brought us closer. He was also seriously needing a break from what he was dealing with too. The highly toxic and manipulative person in his life at the time.

I truly believe narcissism is the worst pandemic yet. It insidiously f##ks up so many lives and so many feed and enable it. Sometimes unknowingly, sometimes knowingly. They round up their flying monkeys to spy on you and stalk you. Talk about creepy as f*ck, both the flying monkeys and the narc who they work for.

They manipulate, gaslight, abuse and damage lives followed by a display of crocodile tears and noise to play the victim and martyr role. I have no time nor tolerance for such two-faced toxic lying parasites. I’ve dealt with enough already.

So yeah 2021 has been a complete f#@”$# A$hol€ of a year, talk about fights and emotional roller coasters, you name it. But you see going through enough of this crap makes you more of a fighter, more wise and much more aware.

Same goes for Rich, he’s also woken up and seeing things and people for who and what they truly are now, I believe his realisation in this is one of the things that brought us together eventually. Kind and caring people can only be pushed so far before something snaps inside them. And then It’s truly ‘Game Over’ for the toxic manipulative narcissists when that happens.

Right I know this post has been gloomy so far but I’m not going to sugar coat and paint superficial rainbows and hang patronizingly positive gas-lighting quote plaques all over it to cover it all up. It needed to be said.

But now, shoo dark cloud! … Lets lighten things up a bit.

Amongst all this, Neelix is now staying with us full time. He wasn’t my cat initially, he was my friend Wayne’s (Electronscape/SIDBox)…You can tell because I wouldn’t have named him ‘Neelix’ for a start, the only Star Trek I was into was TNG. And no that doesn’t mean I would have named him Worf, Riker or Picard, so don’t even go there!

Anyway, at first he was going to live with Wayne and his partner after he moved in with her, they already have a few cats. Problem is, Neelix has been used to solitude from the very start and he’s had a shaky start. So he didn’t get on with the other cats, in fact he caused chaos the entire night he was taken there and had to be brought back the next day by a sleep deprived Wayne.

It was heart breaking for Wayne because Neelix himself had made the choice to come with me to the new place, I think the other cats were just too much for him. At the time I was just packing and preparing to move to the new place.

He actually didn’t complain much throughout the journey over here, the first night he was fine with the new place, even though he did hide a bit and was grumbling and growling every now and then… He even tried climbing up the chimney and started grumbling and growling up the flue, I really wish I had recorded that, it was hilarious.

So what have I been doing since I moved in with Rich, in the last third of 2021. Well We’ve been decorating the house (and filming parts of it so do expect upcoming videos) Basically getting rid of the grey, soul draining crap and trying to bring the sunshine in and brighten things up, we’ve been needing it, badly! Basically turning the place into a home, my new lair.

The good thing about it all is that we’ve got exactly the same interests, so there’s been more Amiga stuff, C64 stuff, vintage hi-fi stuff coming both our ways. Not to mention photography, especially film photography.

I will be moving back and forth onto other topics which, as you should know by now is the nature of my channel, I don’t do just one thing, I have lots of interests.
I’ve got so many things I need to make videos on, so it’s not like I’m out of ideas, it’s just that there’s been too much to deal with psychologically and emotionally. As far as video ideas are concerned it’s been the opposite, I’ve got ideas fighting their way to get to the front row!

Thing is at the moment I don’t have a dedicated place, the attic room is going to be Ms Mad Lemon’s new project room, where I do my filming and projects, but the place needs some work doing, the flooring, the making of the workbench. Not to mention half of my stuff is still at my old place so I’m compromising a lot.

So for the time being I’m finding makeshift places to create videos and get on with things. Every single room needs work on it and its only the two of us juggling it along with the every day things we have to do in life. So many things happening at once.

Anyway lots of things lined up but I just wanted to share with you in a nutshell, and believe me, despite this post being long, it really is a nutshell. I’ve severely summarised and only scratched the surface of it all, I’ve not even told you any details nor the ins and outs or anything, but I feel I’ve already said more than enough. Hoping you get the picture though and the reasons why there are delays in video posting and huge periods of time where I didn’t post.

At the end of the day, I don’t have a team and all the advantages and benefits that most big youtubers/content creators have. I’m just a humble little channel on my own and I do everything myself. True solo video creation is a lot of work, it requires serious commitment and work. I do wish to keep a momentum going on my channel though and hopefully a return of my Nostalgia Time gaming videos, I do actually miss doing them.

Anyway I’ll leave it at this for now. Adios!
I have to say i’m touched by the comments and support i’ve received from a lot of you in response to this blog entry It really makes a difference and means a lot to me <3
There are those who have genuinely empathised with me and shared their own situations in the blog post comments and on twitter and facebook.

Sending love, warmth and hugs to you who have been and are suffering the same and have been/are in similar situations. It is in times like this where we need to stick together, I have posted a short update video showing what i’m up to and have left a thank you message to those of you who have reached out and those of you who are genuinely in a similar boat.

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