Maddi's Project room entrance, work in progress.

Progress On My Project Room

Most of you will know about my move late summer 2021, just slightly over two years ago now. This is the third autumn I’ve experienced here.

closeup of red leaf tree in rainy autumn.

It’s been a rocky ride on all aspects with so much happening in many directions at the same time. Basically a matter of renewing and repairing a broken household (in more ways than one), which had been broken for many years before I ever knew of it. The house itself also needs a lot of work in physical terms, so repairing and fixing the house is quite symbolic and feels more like a spiritual process.

I’ve faced quite a few challenges. Some heavy, other’s not so much. I’ve come out much stronger through them. Dealing with this particular situation isn’t for the fainthearted. Hopefully I’ve been helping and supporting others around me to come out of darker times. I keep most challenges I’ve faced in life private and share very little on social media or online as I’m naturally a private person.

garden gate in rainy autumn

In summary I just wish to be real and mention that there’s more going on in the background in my life than the projects and art that I do. I am juggling a lot more than you may realize. I’m just not a fan of advertising every little thing I do and go through as my focus is just on doing it. I mention this to add context to the hints expressed in my artwork or music as form of creative expression.

Scruffy attic room.

With regards to the project side of things, It’s taken a while for me to get a dedicated space for my project work and ‘Ms Mad Lemon’. The attic room above was initially going to be my creative and project space. I even started setting it up.

Rich’s daughter then spent some time with me up there and she really enjoyed herself. It also took her back to the time where she used to spend a lot of time with Rich up there, as he used to practically live in the attic room after fixing it up pretty well. Plenty of fun games of Minecraft were played in that room 🙂

So now she is happy in the attic room and I have to say it’s looking wonderful now and a great place to chill. Slowly working through the house as each room needs a fair amount of work on it. Her old room is now my project room and while working on other rooms, the project room was not in the best of ways.

Project room, messy and unorganized

As you can see it was quite hectic in here. You can get to the other side of the room but yeah, It’s pretty much a labyrinth.

So the videos I’ve created in the past two years have been in makeshift locations, nothing at all has been prepared, they’ve been on the fly or very ad-hoc, even more so than usual. I’ve not had all my equipment I usually use, at hand. Nothing organized and everything is everywhere with places for everything constantly changing.

So to the couple of people who’ve asked if my videos are scripted, they never have been but the ones in the past two years have gone a step further into spontaneity.

Considering all the videos and projects I’ve created, recorded and released two albums Zaman and Paradox, while I’ve been in this ad-hoc state, not to mention the tracks for the upcoming album. I don’t think I’ve done too badly at all 🙂

Project room messy and unorganized

Single-handedly, I’m sorting this room out, as well as another room simultaneously, as Rich is dealing with other things. I don’t think either of us could handle the entire situation on our own. Each of us is coming out stronger for doing so. The time period all this takes to do, is irrelevant. There’s no race or competition. The only comparison I make is a progressive one, every little bit fixed, fought, repaired or created, is better than how it was when I first arrived here.

The intentional delays we’ve had with certain things, we’ve actually used to our advantage. In fact they’ve taught us a lot about ourselves and others, exposed a lot for sure and we’ve built up endurance and continue to do so. That’s why I never complain when life throws a barrier or calamity, it’s an opportunity to do some genuine inner work and improve things 🙂

I even took up the rug that was there and need to sort the flooring out, sorted out the broken electrics in the room and installed more plug sockets. Installed a ceiling fan as this room gets pretty hot in summer, adequate lighting since the lighting in this room was broken. Despite my hatred of DIY, Rich said he’s happy I know my way around electrics enough to do all this stuff. I think I’ve saved us a lot since we’ve not needed an electrician yet :-)). I personally I’m glad if I don’t have to do DIY again, I prefer electronics to home electrics any day.

So, the room isn’t completely done, but I’ve got a better makeshift space to film videos for now. Rich is good at the woodwork so now we need to save up for some wood so he can fit in a good desk/workbench, which will be my new project and channel workspace. I have filmed bits here and there so there will be a project room video once it’s all done.

As I always say, whenever there’s quiet time and I haven’t posted much, there’s always something like this that’s going on in the background. And eventually there will be some sort of update or post on my blog explaining why I’m quiet and what I’m focusing on.

My entire time creating videos on Youtube, all 8 years, coming up to 9 years now, I’ve never had stable surroundings. Even in the previous place the bedroom was my makeshift workspace and it wasn’t Ideal, things were constantly changing around. Once this room is done, I will for the first time have a proper dedicated space.

New place Maddi writing music
Maddi creating video cassette logo

Again, I have to say, doing all what I’ve done in the past eleven years, project-wise, despite all the surrounding instability, lack of foundation, inconsistency and hectic-ness (Is that a word?). I don’t think I’ve done so badly at all 😀

Cat on old workbench
Designing SIDBox UI on Amiga

I’ve learned a tonne about myself and people in general during this past decade.

Inside my SIDBoomBox.
Inside my SIDBoomBox, the major summer project I did back in 2019

Now that I have some space freed up, I’m going to work on a video and try to aim to finish for this weekend. The last video I did on Trackers, went down pretty well. If you haven’t seen it, then feel free to watch here:

I wish you all a lovely week 🙂

8 responses to “Progress On My Project Room”

  1. Corey Ostman avatar
    Corey Ostman

    Autumn has arrived in New England. It’s our favorite season of the year. Every morning we hear flocks of geese migrating south. Our horse chestnut tree is already starting to lose its leaves, pretty soon the same will happen to our oak and maple trees. The squirrels and chipmunks are busy gathering provisions for Winter.

    Have a wonderful week, Maddi!

  2. Jason avatar

    Hiya Maddi ☺️ Ah, this is a lovely blog update and l can relate. Having dealt with some fairly massive personal and family issues in the last 6 years and relocating to another country from the U.K., I can understand how chaotic and unexpected life can be at times.

    What you have created and continue to create is just wonderful and it’s a bit like the serene Swan gliding on the surface without anyone seeing the energy and the effort beneath that keeps that swan gliding.

    I am so pleased that the house is starting to come together for you all. You and Rich make an amazing team and l know it will be such a base of creative endeavours and also of peace, happiness, love, and above all a sanctuary and place of safety for everyone.

    I do love seeing hard work by good people, paying off over time. It’s earned with physical and emotional grafting which you guys have been doing fantastically, bloody well done.

    As always, my very best to you, Rich, Mr Neelix and everyone there ☺️👍🏼

    1. Maddi avatar

      Hi Jason 🙂

      Thanks so much! That means a lot, we have been working very hard and it just takes that pushing past the tough moments.

      I do remember the times you dealt with some heavy issues yourself. I have to say you’re quite strong to come through all that. Relocating is hard enough in the same country but another country its at another level.

      You’ve been following me for some years now and those like you, who have done, can understand what I mean in this blog post. You’ve seen the journey I’ve taken through my videos. Some of the ups and downs too. Btw, I still have the hama bead pixel art which I bought from you, I found it all the other day, so you still create and sell it?

      All the best to youself and Fiona 🙂

      1. Jason avatar

        Hiya Maddi ☺️ and thank you for the reply. Indeed I’ve been following the channel and what you do and create for a long time and it’s was and continues to be something l am very much invested in.

        We have both gone through similar journeys in the years we have know each other and l am very pleased we both got to head in the directions we did as it taken to were we needed to be in life.

        I am pleased the Hama bead creations have survived after all this time lol and it’s something l haven’t done in almost 6 years.

        Amazingly enough, in my upcoming blog post this weekend, one of my designed and made Hama bead creations features prominently in that post as the lead picture to finish up my “September 64” month.

        I think next year it’s time to get back to creating as it’s been long overdue and l have plenty of ideas l want to try out.

        Fi sends her regards as do l to you, Rich, Mr Neelix and everyone there ☺️

  3. Paul Jackson avatar
    Paul Jackson

    Hi Maddi

    Ooh, a dedicated project room? How cool is that! Not having to setup and then pack everything away will let you have so much more time to concentrate on your creative persuits, which is awesome.

    I know I’ve not spent as much time with my own hobbies in recent years (be that music creation, Amiga & other retro systems etc) because of the thought of clearing a space, unpacking stuff and then having to pack it all away again.

    Luckily we get to follow along with you on your retro journey (for that sweet nostalgia hit) which saves me having to unpack quite so often!

    I’m sure Neelix will be claiming dedicated Neelix spaces in the dedicated project room too. Hahah.

    Have yourselves a great week/weekend and extra scritches to Neelix!

    1. Maddi avatar

      Hi Paul,
      yes, I can’t wait to have a dedicated room, I mean when it comes to Amiga setups, there’s going to be at least one Amiga setup in the house, project room or no project room. I mean there has to be doesn’t there lol. Kinda makes it feel more homely 🙂

      As you say it is difficult to keep unpacking and packing, clearing spaces. even more so when there’s electronics involved because a fair sized project would just be too difficult. Hence why I’ve got a pile of big projects waiting for the room to be done haha.

      It’s heartwarming knowing how you all feel about my retro journey, I enjoy sharing that bit and do put in that more to bring the feeling of nostalgia. 🙂

      I think you know Neelix all too well, i’ll give him some extra scritches from you. Have a great week Paul!

  4. LunarLoony avatar

    Oh man. I have a potential house purchase coming up, so I’ve got all this to look forward to! The satisfaction of having a dedicated project space must be worth it, though. Looks like it’s going to be amazing when it’s done.

  5. […] done as much as I can with my project room, though just saving up for the wood to get from the timber yard so that my desk and workbench can […]

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